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Have done so  Smiley
Over now, many thanks to all. Smiley
Quote from: AussieBTCs on July 09, 2019, 01:08:32 PM
Olenander bid has been cancelled, due to to no response, highest bid is currently

Jackpotato at 0.51btc

I bid 0.52 BTC
Newbie has had plenty of time to prove if has funds or not, you going to cancel it or wait until the clock runs out?
watchy, watchy
I believe that this is a correct countdown timer for the Auction Close: Sunday, May 5 @ 2300 EDT Monday, May 20 @ 2300 EDT, but no guarantees, it's unofficial so do you own DD, though I shall be following it unless someone spots a flaw in it.

#1 95 LTC
#2 70 LTC
#1 86 LTC
#2 61 LTC
1. 81
2. 56
#1 70
#2 45
I hadn't noticed that I was bidding against a total newbie account that hadn't made any verification of good intent, so would prefer to revert to:

#1 65 LTC
#2 35 LTC

Until the newbie account lodges some proof of funds, in which case my next bids of:

#1 70 LTC
#2 45 LTC

will then become valid.

#1 70 LTC
#2 45 LTC